• What is CS?

    We need energy to live. It provides the foundation for health, the vitality to create, access to our spirits and the power to make great relationships. The more energy you have, the more opportunities you have in life. Your body has an intricate, intelligent system, which takes this energy in, sorts it, prioritizes it, distributes it and uses it to power vitality.  CS teaches you how to work with that system, repair it if necessary and use it for relationships, creation and health.

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  • Where to Start

    We can injure more than our physical bodies and if this happens, it will sometimes correct itself, but sometimes it needs help. Our energy systems are important for health, vitality, organization, power and so much more. If they aren't working you won't be able to thrive.

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  • Things we Believe

    About Healing...    About Communication...     About the World...

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Upcoming Classes

Stay tuned as we prepare to post our classes for 2017.

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~ The Conscious Systems Team

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About Dr. Mark Dunn

Dr. Dunn graduated from Bastyr Naturopathic School in 2000. He became interested in the energetic and spiritual non-physical side of medicine while still in medical school and has pursued it ever since. During his time as a practicing family physician, he tried many different techniques and methods of treatment to help his patients. He has gone through an extensive search, path, and self-discovery process which allowed him to hone his ideas and create a unique contribution.

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