• What is CS?

    Conscious Systems was designed by a doctor who believes that people are more than just a physical body. We live in an unseen world of energy and spirit which affects all aspects of our wellness. The curriculum is about mending what is broken, getting to the core of problems, understanding a deeper relationship to health and laying the foundation for a new, healthy way of living.

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  • The Relationship Series

    Relationships are made out of energy. CS teaches where to get healthy energy from, how to avoid unhealthy energy and how to manage connections between you and others.

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  • The Repair Series

    CS classes are about putting ourselves back together in our energy and spirit. Most people inherently know that things can get hurt beyond our physical bodies. Pain isn't just a physical sensation. These classes help us "pick up the pieces" and address the parts of us that are so vital to who we are. You can be broken, and if you have, here is a way to fix it.

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Modules are learning tools which allow you to pick and choose your own course of study. You can learn new skills or brush up on old ones.

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About Dr. Mark Dunn

Dr. Dunn graduated from Bastyr Naturopathic School in 2000. He became interested in the energetic and spiritual non-physical side of medicine while still in medical school and has pursued it ever since. During his time as a practicing family physician, he tried many different techniques and methods of treatment to help his patients. He has gone through an extensive search, path, and self-discovery process which allowed him to hone his ideas and create a unique contribution.

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