About Dr. Mark Dunn

This will be my 14th year as a licensed naturopathic physician. I had a busy practice in Seattle, Washington for nine years which specialized in chronic, long-term health problems. Even when I was studying at medical school, I knew that what I was being taught about the physical body was only the beginning of my understanding. While practicing, natural and pharmaceutical interventions were often not enough to cure or even help people recover from chronic illness. I looked for better ways to help my patients all the time. I eventually came to see the body as a very complicated energetic and physical experience.

I am a doctor. Obviously, I believe in biochemistry, physics, medicine, and the importance of those disciplines. I have also seen the limitations of that knowledge during my time as a physician. I don’t think that people are just composed of physical bodies and chemicals. We are composed of non-physical parts as well, and science hasn’t caught up with this yet. However, there’s a great need for this understanding, so I took on the challenge with this project to increase awareness of the importance of thought, emotion, energy, and consciousness to individual well-being.

I wanted to understand the energetic part of the human more, so I started looking for alternatives. I took many, many hours of classwork in energetic therapies and modalities. I studied under Richard Bartlett DC, ND for 8 years and helped him create and teach “Matrix Energetics”. I travelled the world looking for energetic modalities which would help my patients and myself. I learned that being conscious of ourselves and our world is at the core of health and healing.

My explorations have led me to the conclusion that we are very complicated, interconnected, and sometimes fragile beings. I have found that there is structure to our energetic bodies. That structure can be broken and needs to be repaired for optimal functioning. Most of the energetic techniques I studied the assumed the energetic system was healthy, and I think this is where Conscious Systems differs from other philosophies and techniques. I am convinced that it is worth to adding to the skillset of any healthcare worker, energy practitioner, or spiritualist.

I look forward to helping with the creation of a healthier planet. I think that Conscious Systems will help a lot with this. Consciousness is at the core of our health, our society, and our future. It is time that we take steps together to ensure a healthier future for ourselves, our children, and our ecosystems by developing self-awareness, energetic healing, and conscious decision making.

-Dr. Mark Dunn